Лайънс Форум - България

Лайънс Европа-Форум 2016
27-29 Октомври.2016, България, София

GMT & GLT session 3 (Open session)

Date: Friday 28 October

Time: 15.00 – 16.30

Room: Convention Hall

Language: Simultaneous Translation


Facilitator : PID Bruno Ahlqvist, GLT Constitutional Area Leader 4 Europe


Participants : IP Chancellor Bob Corlew, All Forum Participants




  1. Simple questionaire completed by partcipants

  2. Introduction - PID Bruno Ahlqvist

  3. How to find and train new leaders - PID Bruno Ahlqvist

  4. Open discussion IP Corlew and paricipants - Moderator PID Bruno Ahlqvist

  5. LCI Leadership Institutes (presentation of levels)

  6. Self-financed Leadership Institutes in Europe - PCC Corinne Bloemendal, MD 112

Two GLT Area Leaders presenting first impression PCC Geoff Leeder, MD 105

  1. CEE moving forward – Leadership and PID Miklos Horvath, GMT AL 4G

Membership prospects in Eastern Europe - PDG Niels Schnecker, GLT AL 4G

  1. Closing - PID Bruno Ahlqvist


Core message

An interactive session. You get an opportunity to give a brief information about how you have identified and helped new potential leaders to prosper.

Learn about the success of the two first ALLIs organized by Multiple Districts.

How can we all contribute to great potential in Eastern Europe?





GMT & GLT session 3


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